Stars for Stevie

Stars for Stevie

This bright and beautiful little girl was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called DIPG. It is inoperable. The survival rate is 0%. Stevie is now home from the hospital with her parents, two big brothers, and puppies for the remainder of her days here on earth.

We want to love and bless them and help weave the net.  Will you help?


Her tribe came up with this little slogan for Stevie because she is such a LIGHT. Grab this photo or graphic and share her story. She shines so bright and we want you — all of you — to think of Stevie every time you look up at the night sky. We want you to string paper stars together with your sweet kiddos & pray for the Stocks. Paint them, draw them, fill your windows with them ⭐️. Display them to celebrate the light and life of a little girl who is loved more than she can image. Look up more. & Every time you do we want you to speak her name and pray for their family. Would you join me in doing just that? Share your #starsforstevie on social media using that hashtag and let’s shower the Stock family with all the love and prayers they need right now.

2) GOFUNDME: ( link here)

This has undoubtedly taken a great financial toll on their family already and will continue to as they navigate in-home care for Stevie, utilizing healthcare professionals for mental and emotional health for Ashley, Ben and their sons, Wesley and Sawyer, and much more. Please share this link far and wide to help support their family during this time.


Grab your Stevie shirt here and let her light shine bright — 100% of the proceeds will go to the Stock family.

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