15 Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jar

15 Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jar


If you are someone like me that has a deep affinity for candles, then you also probably have an abundance of candle vessels that don’t have a purpose. It was important to me to find a vessel design that is as beautiful as it is functional. So beautiful that you won't even consider tossing it once the candle is out.

Once your candles have completely burned out, your candle jars are ready for a second life! There are soooo many ways you can reuse your colorful and clear jars and tins - they’re perfect for storing all kinds of things you use everyday and are a great way to playfully decorate your space like the kitchen or your home office. 

  1. Flower vase
  2. Planter for succulents
  3. Store kitchen essentials like dish scrubbers + sponges
  4. Hold your go-to makeup brushes in a really cute + accessible way
  5. Put everyday essentials like cotton swabs, cotton balls, and floss picks in your clean jar and seal it with the wooden lid for a fresh take on bathroom storage!
  6. Give your pens and pencils a sleek place to live
  7. Store coins in a DIY piggy bank
  8. Take your jewelry with you in style by reusing metal tins as a home for your rings + things when you travel!
  9. Store hair ties, clips, and bobby pins in your jar or tin so you always know where to find (and put) them!
  10. Dog treat jar, a perfect place to keep a small stash of pet treats!
  11. Use with a real or battery-operated tea light or votive candle and extend the ambiance!
  12. A makeshift speaker for your phone: place phone inside empty jar with speaker facing down and jam!
  13. Jot down positive affirmations, goals, or resolutions and place them in the jar
  14. Art supplies storage
  15. Date night suggestion jar

Show us how you upcycle your candle jars! Simply post a pic on Instagram of how you reuse them, tag us @joyfullivingvintage, and use the hashtag #joyfuljars.

Happy Upcycling!



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